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The latest Li-Fi Research and Development News from Professor Harald Haas.

We have received the Jack Neubauer Memorial Award for our paper "Bit Error Probability of SM-MIMO Over Generalized Fading Channels", as the Best System paper, published in the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology in March 2012.

Jack Neubauer Memorial Award of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, September 2015

Based on Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetics, the light and radio propagation follow the same rules of physics. However, the optical waves have significantly smaller wavelength compared to radio waves. This is particularly important when an approximation of Maxwell’s theory is required.

Edinburgh Balmoral Clock Tower

We have developed a new algorithm that avoids the typical 50% spectral efficiency loss in visible light communications when the LED is driven close to the turn-on voltage. This is an important breakthrough because the new algorithm enables energy-efficient Li-Fi links and dimming close zero.


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