Students and Research Fellows

Current, as principal supervisor (PhD Students)

  1. Abdelhamid Younis (commenced September 2009) Receivers for Spatial Modulation
  2. Dr Svilen Dimitrov (commenced September 2009) Synthetic design and test environment for optical wireless communication systems
  3. Stefan Videv (commenced February 2009), Energy efficient scheduling and radio resource allocation
  4. Nikola Serafimovski (commenced January 2009), Spatial modulation
  5. Irina Stefan (commence January 2009), Optical free space communication networks
  6. Bogdan Pricope (commenced October 2008), Indoor Positioning and Navigation
  7. Alan Anderson (commenced September 2010), Signal Anomaly Detection for T&M and Cognitive Radio
  8. Thilo Fath (commenced January 2010), Optical MIMO
  9. Hauke Holtkamp (commenced February 2010), Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Cellular Networks
  10. Harald Burchardt (commenced 01.01.2010), Interference Management in Wireless Networks
  11. Dobroslav Tsonev (commenced 01.12.2010), Modulation Techniques for Optical Wireless Communications

Current, as principal supervisor (Research Fellows)

  1. Dr Sinan Sinanovic (since October 2006)
  2. Dr Wasiu Popoola (since April 1010)
  3. Dr Mostafa Afgani (since January 2010)
  4. Dr Hany Elgala (Jacobs University) (since April 2010)
  5. Dr Birendra Ghimire (Jacobs University) (since July 2010)